Legal Policy

Thinkogic Fair Pay Policy

Last Modified: 22 February, 2024


Thinkogic (“the Company”) is dedicated to providing equal pay for employees, comparable value, and equivalent effort to all of its employees. It recognizes that equal pay for men and women is a legal entitlement under Indian laws. This policy is not part of any employee’s employment contract, and the Company has the right to alter it at any time.

Equal Pay Statement

The Company promotes the idea of equal opportunity for all employees. It recognizes the importance of and is dedicated to creating a gender-neutral, objective, and transparent pay system. As a good business practice and in the interests of justice and fairness, the company is dedicated to taking steps to guarantee that men and women get equal compensation for similar employment, work of comparable value, and work evaluated as equivalent. Pay consequently includes access to and the degree of benefits.


The Company’s aims for equal pay are to:

  • Eliminate any unfair, unreasonable, or unlawful practices affecting pay;
  • Take necessary corrective measures.
  • Examine other company rules to confirm compliance with equal pay principles.

To achieve these objectives the Company will:

  • Implement frequent equitable pay evaluations for all employees, including those on maternity or sick leave.
  • Conduct employment evaluations and frequent equal pay audits.
  • Provide guidance and training to personnel engaged in deciding pay.
  • Inform employees on how these processes operate and how their pay is calculated;
  • Respond to claims regarding equitable pay.
  • Monitor pay statistics regularly and gather other relevant information to assess the impact of this Policy.


The Company will:

  • Ensure that any compensation discrepancy is caused by a “material factor” such as length of service, skills and certifications, performance, and degrees of responsibility;
  • Promote and achieve equal opportunities for men and women.
  • Eliminate all forms of prejudice and harassment.