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Awards & Recognition

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Our dedication and diligent efforts have helped us establish ourselves as a leading software development and product engineering firm. Cheers to a journey full of passionate dreams that will help our clients achieve the success they’ve always desired.

Our Expertise

Find the solution to your business difficulty, from our iconic services for corporate hybrid cloud architecture to next-generation AI, security, and storage solutions.

AI & Machine Learning

Develop your Artificial Intelligence & machine learning models.


Collect and analyze enormous amounts of data.

Compute & Servers

Run workloads on heterogeneous cloud infrastructure.


Store, query, and evaluate structured data.


Control infrastructure, environments, and deployments.

IT Automation

Simplify IT infrastructure management.


Bringing useful quantum computing to your needs.

Security & Identity

Cloud Native Software for resource security and compliance.

Authorized Partners

Driving innovation at Pace with Top Tech Companies around the Globe.

Our Work

A Selection of Signature Projects

Website of the Month✨

NKS Global Exports

Fresa Frootz

Technologies Used - WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, WooCommerce

Key Features - Ecommerce Portal | Customer-Friendly Interface | 100% Responsive

India’s top freeze-dried deliciousness brands, providing you with the highest quality and unique flavours.

Market Recognitions

Bring Change to Your Enterprise

Industries Covered by US

Strengthening the relationship with the client and helping them to achieve.


Our innovative services aim to redefine aviation industry and inspire new levels of efficiency and performance for customized developed solutions.

Banking & Finance

We offer personalized banking and financial app development services to help banks and financial institutions accelerate digital transformation and lead the industry.


Transforming risk into opportunity, we redefine the future of insurance, making every interaction transparent and customer-centric for sustainability.


From supply chain efficiency to compelling consumer experiences, we're the brains behind digital success in the fast lane. Transforming Retail sector seamlessly.


Our software solutions are redefining research, production, and distribution to open the way for next-generation innovation and healthcare excellence.


A Simplified procedures to real-time analytics, Experience new age of excellence and inventiveness in the manufacturing industry. We are changing the Era.

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"They helped me identify and address the key challenges I was facing, implemented effective strategies that led to remarkable results. Thanks to their dedication and expertise."

Ganpat Shinde
Ganpat Shinde

Founder & Director | Smart I Electronics Systems Pvt Ltd



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Core Ideals and Principles

These are the values that guide our business, our development, and our brand.
As our company continues to evolve and grow, these three values remain constant.

Transparent Integrity

It is the cornerstone of our company’s ideals. In each interaction, we maintain the highest levels of honesty and transparency. This dedication extends beyond our organization and into our dealings with clients, partners, and employees.


With 6 years of business expertise, we’ve overcome obstacles and are happy to be leading a viable organization. We blend innovation and sustainability, pushing the boundaries of long-term effect. Our prosperity stems from the impact of our consumers, who drive positive change while leaving a legacy for future generations.

Customer-First Commitment

With years of trust and goodwill, we’ve built a solid market position through an approach that prioritizes customers. We are dedicated to aiding you in developing your business, regardless of size.

Turn your ideas into a reality with our Digital Transformation Services.