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Why Choose Us

1. STEWARDSHIP :- Use all resources efficiently & effectively in order to further the organizations mission to serve people.
2. PERSEVERANCE :- Pushing through to the end.
3. INTEGRITY :- We commit absolute transparency & integrity to our every action & thought. We drive a‘Zero Tolerance’ culture towards lack of Integrity.
4. CLIQUE :- An exclusive circle of people with a common purpose.
5. EMPATHY :- We empathize with respect & care for all relationships & lives we touch.

Meet Our Team

Shailendra Humne

Founder & CEO

Khadija Lokhandwala

Software Engineer

Ayesha Shah

Software Engineer

Ahmed Lokhandwala

Digital Marketing Executive

Discover the features

We are a Software based Company

We are a multidisciplinary team with a proven track record. We love to join forces with fellow strategists, thinkers and innovators to create software that delight users and exceed expectations.

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